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We love hearing from our readers. Your feedback encourages us and helps us remain connected and focused on your needs.

Here are excerpts from testimonials we’ve received—all identifying details have been removed. We hope these messages provide inspiration to others facing similar challenges.

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General Feedback

An incredible source of knowledge and comfort

“I'd like to say thank you from the bottom of my heart. This website is an incredible source of knowledge and comfort for me. I'm going through one of the hardest times of my life mentally, and you all have made me feel less alone in dealing with my issues. It feels good to know that I always have this fantastic reference whenever I am unsure about what I'm going though. I have made a small donation to you, and although it's not much, I hope it will help to keep this website alive for many years to come.”

~Reader from Canada

Such a great website

“Thank you for such a great website. I was feeling a bit low today and I was re-energized and refreshed by reading several of the articles on your website. Thanks for providing this service – I made a small donation to help you continue your work.”

~Reader from Canada

Such a wonderful contribution

“This is the most helpful, clearly written, well laid-out, well-sourced material I have ever found on the internet…I hit a crisis a week ago and have had limited opportunities to see therapist. Your material has filled in essential gaps and made it more effective when I did see a counsellor. Thank you for such a wonderful contribution.”

~Reader from Australia

A life-saving site

“Helpguide is a life-saving site and no doubt makes people’s lives better through knowledge, information and tools. I personally want to thank you for the light it’s shown me.”

~Reader from New York

Wonderful Site

“Thank you again for your wonderful site. So sad to see how it all began. As soon as I’m able I will definitely be donating and I’ve passed your site along to others.”

~Reader from Ohio

The only mental health site that's not tried to sell me something

“You made me feel a bit better by confirming I'm not suffering from anything more serious. [Helpguide is] the only mental health site that's not tried to sell me something. Much appreciated.”

~Reader from the United Kingdom

An incredible achievement

“The quality of articles and advice creates trust and it is so easy to perceive that there are no commercial or personal interests behind them, just human compassion and understanding. This website is an incredible achievement and I feel need to express my gratitude to all people contributing to this project.”

~Reader from Bosnia

There wouldn’t be a week that goes by that I don’t reference clients to your website.

“I am a counselor and I've appreciated this site both personally and professionally. There wouldn’t be a week that goes by that I don’t reference clients to your website.”

~Reader from Canada

I often refer my patients to your site

“I am a therapist (Licensed Clinical Social Worker). I find your site so professional and helpful to me and my clients. I am impressed at the amount of information, multimedia choices and format. I am also appreciative of the grassroots origins of this project and the tribute it pays to Morgan, a lovely soul. I often refer my patients to your site. I am also reading "Morgan's Voice" in my leisure time, and I am so very moved by her words and spirit. Thank you so much for an amazing site!”

~ Reader from California

A resource for my employees

“I found this website in my own search for answers and guidance. Now I use this site as a resource for my employees. I am the head of HR [and] have employees that come to me with all kinds of personal issues. I print the applicable topic. The information is well organized and thought out . . .easy to read and comprehensive.”

~ Reader from Virginia

You saved my life

“Thanks for providing . . . a trusted source. I know it’s not very profitable but you saved my life and I am forever grateful.”

~ Reader from New York

A wonderful tribute

“[Helpguide] is a wonderful tribute to Morgan Leslie and a positive approach to life's many challenges.”

~ Reader from Denmark

Has always helped

“I have turned to this site to deal with many difficult moments in my life, and the help you gave has always helped.”

~ Reader from India

Helped me take control

“I absolutely LOVE Helpguide. Please don't change it. It gives great advice on a lot of different things, and has been a starting point for researching the various issues in my life. It's helped me take control of some of these issues too.”

~ Reader from Montana

One of the reasons I am able to live my life today

"Your website has been one of the reasons I am able to live my life today. After being depressed and suicidal over my relationship problems, I searched the internet for articles like the ones on your website. Thank you so much. Your website has helped me tremendously."

~ Reader from Arizona

Helped me get past a difficult moment

"I have been crying and your website helped me . . . get past a difficult moment. The fact that you have put this site together is a wonderful testimony of the good that exists in the world—my sincerest appreciations."

~ Reader from France

A wonderful, easy to use resource

“I work at [a state] hospital and I am always trying to develop simple easy to understand information for various topics on mental and emotional health for our residents and our staff. I use your site a lot to assist in this task. I want to thank you and let you know you are bringing a wonderful, easy to use resource to many people.”

~ Reader from California

Some of the clearest, most comprehensive and concise information I have seen

“A friend found this site and suggested it to me. Several family members have problems addressed by your site. I must congratulate you on some of the clearest, most comprehensive and concise information I have seen. At first I thought a site so well designed was going to be run by a drug firm peddling medicine. Not at all. This is just to let you know that all your hard work really does make a difference.”

~ Reader from Tennessee

People need practical, upfront information to help themselves

“I am a psychologist who is most heartened to see this site. Many people need practical, upfront information to help themselves. For most it is not necessary to go for months of therapy to define the problem. My colleagues may do a disservice to drag out the time to get concrete information to people in need. I have been in practice [for many years] and am well aware of the large pool of healthy, but unhappy people who could get better with more direction. This is a very good site.”

~ Reader from Connecticut

I love the self-help approach

"Helpguide is a wonderful site. I love the self-help approach and the kindness that comes across. All of the articles I have read are more than helpful."

~ Reader from Florida

Abuse, Addiction and Eating Disorders


Most informative and realistic information I have ever read

“Your [article] concerning domestic abuse is the most informative and realistic information I have ever read on the subject. My daughter has had the misfortune to be in an abusive marriage for many years, making several breaks but then going back. I am hoping that the break she is making now is her passport to freedom and newly-found self-esteem. The character and behavior traits which you describe could easily be a fitting CV for my ex-son-in-law....very sad and so damaging. This issue needs so much more publicity and young people need to be educated to recognize the signs in themselves and others. Thank you.”

~ Reader from the United Kingdom

I found your website incredibly informative

“I am a family nurse practitioner student and had to do a discussion question on domestic violence. I found your website incredibly informative and found it as a good resource to suggest to any patients in the future who are in need of help.”

~ Reader from Illinois

Outstanding work

“I am a survivor of domestic violence . . . I have posted your web site to all my links and my pages on Facebook, Google, Twitter and LinkedIn. Thank you for the outstanding work you do to help our survivors.”

~ Reader from Pennsylvania

Helped me see the light

“I am involved in an abusive relationship and I am a 49 year old man. I have kept it a secret for more than a decade because of the stigma that is associated with a male abused by a female, and because of the systematic destruction of my self-confidence, self-worth and personality. I once was a vibrant, funny, successful . . . business owner [but deteriorated] into a depressed, very sick, shell of the man I used to be. Abuse is not a gender issue . . . Your site put a name on everything and helped me see the light.”

~ Reader from New York

Describes everything that happened to me

“I was a victim of domestic violence, and the article . . . describes everything that happened to me, and I hope it can help other people who are also victims. If only I had read it before, maybe I wouldn’t have experienced a lot of bad things! Thank you for the article . . .”

~ Reader from Croatia

Making a positive difference in the lives of many

“I am an In-Home Specialist in the field of child abuse and neglect. I have used numerous articles from your website with my families. They are VERY helpful and my families can relate to and understand the articles. I use the signs and symptoms of Domestic Violence frequently and can say that many of my fellow workers are now using it as well. Thank you for this resource! You are making a positive difference in the lives of many!”

~ Reader from Missouri


Gave me a lot of good coping techniques

“Just wanted to express my appreciation for developing this great resource - Helpguide. It has been very beneficial to me as I battle alcoholism and depression [and] gave me a lot of good coping techniques to win my battles and control my urges.”

~ Reader from New Jersey

I’m a better man

“I was scared to talk to anyone because they would judge me, but every question I wanted to ask was answered in your website. My mind’s clear now and I’ve realized it’s not just my health I’m jeopardizing, [but also] the people I love. I’m a better man thanks to you.”

~ Reader from the United Kingdom

Eating Disorders

I learned just what I need to say

“I just read your [article] on eating disorders and am very impressed. I learned just what I need to say to a loved one. Thank you for offering this excellent research . . . Your guides are top notch!”

~ Reader from Maryland

Depression and Bipolar Disorder


Truly appreciate your support

“There is often a lack of support for people from our community regarding suicide and depression. The issue is often dismissed or ridiculed. I really and truly appreciate your support through this website. It has helped me to understand my boyfriend's suicidal thoughts and depression in more detail.”

~ Reader from the United Kingdom

Your site has guided me to hope

“I do not know how to explain the change this site has made in my life literally overnight. I forgot what makes me happy. I forgot who I once was. Your site has guided me to hope and a plan. My wife told me tonight that she hasn’t seen me look at her this way since the early days of our dating. You make a difference in people’s lives. Please don’t stop and thank you for guiding me to myself again.”

~ Reader from New York

I felt as if you were talking to me directly

“I am a seventeen year old girl and I greatly suffer from depression, but reading your articles I felt as if you were talking to me directly, like you read my mind. Thank you for this useful article.”

~ Reader from South Africa

Made such an impact on me

“I'm 45, and have suffered from chronic depression all my life. I am currently at a really low ebb, but am trying little by little to put myself up again. I've just read your page on depression, and just doing that has had a positive effect. I've bookmarked it, so I can read it whenever I feel negative . . . It has made such an impact on me.”

~ Reader from the United Kingdom

Made such an impact on me

“I'm 45, and have suffered from chronic depression all my life. I am currently at a really low ebb, but am trying little by little to put myself up again. I've just read your page on depression, and just doing that has had a positive effect. I've bookmarked it, so I can read it whenever I feel negative . . . It has made such an impact on me,”

~ Reader from the United Kingdom

Given me more strength

“I have spent the evening reading your site to help me through what seems an eternal black hole. What I have read this evening has given me more strength than I have had in a long time. I will now take my notes and hope to start the journey to living again.”

~ Reader from the United Kingdom

Advice and expertise

“Thank you so much for your advice and expertise. I am in the midst of going off antidepressant and anti-anxiety meds as I felt I was getting worse, not better. Your website is the beginning of doing something good for myself . . .”  

~ Reader from Indiana

Something I can do for myself

“Thank you for providing these materials. I'm on antidepressants and don't want to increase them. I feel a huge relief that there's something I can do for myself.”

~ Reader from California

I think this site has saved my life

“I have been having moderate depressive and anxiety episodes . . . and I have used the many wonderful, insightful, and well-researched articles on this site in order to get through this tough time and lessen the severity of the episodes as they occur. . . . Truly, I think this site has saved my life . . . and I cannot thank you all enough.”

~ Reader from Pennsylvania

Helpguide has been paramount in my fight against depression

“I suffered with major clinical depression, and unfortunately had limited support from friends and family, but this website really helped me understand the illness . . . It gave me coping tips, and has been paramount in my fight against it . . . and it has allowed me to help and understand some of my friends who suffer with mental health issues.”

~ Reader from the United Kingdom

Truly helped in more ways than I can say

I must say how much I have been helped by your site. As a lifelong sufferer of depression it has truly helped in more ways than I can say.

~ Reader from Australia

Light at the end of the tunnel

I am really struggling with life at the moment in all areas, and came across by chance. It is so refreshing to find a website that has good sound advice without constant adverts and no ulterior agenda of trying to sell me something at the end! I started on your page about depression and am working my way through the other pages that are relevant to me . . . I am in a very lonely place in my life at the moment, and your website really has offered me a light at the end of the tunnel!

~ Reader from the United Kingdom

I don't have to just live with it

[Helpguide] helped me realize that I can treat my depression on my own, that I don't have to just live with it. I can ask for help.

~ Reader from Utah

Bipolar Disorder

Complete and actionable

“This guide [to Bipolar Disorder] is wonderful. It is complete and actionable. The information is at a level that is easy to understand and yet covers the complicated issues involved with bipolar management. I am bipolar and appreciate the information in a format that helps me and that I can share with friends and family members.”

~ Reader from Canada

Stress, Anxiety, Self-Harm


I feel hopeful

“I just want to share with you how much comfort I felt from your articles. I'm currently trying to be as “pharmaceutical free” as possible for my stress and anxiety, after a failed month-long attempt at meds that only made all my symptoms worse. I feel hopeful that what I'm now doing is what's best for me. Your site has some great information, and strategies that I greatly appreciate!“

~ Reader from Washington

Wonderful and extremely helpful

“I have been overwhelmingly stressed over the past few months and I finally decided to get help for myself. It was not only ruining my life, but also my relationship. I literally read through your whole guide and it's working wonders on me. On top of that, I got my partner to join me. We'll be continuing to remember all your tips and listen to Ride the Wild Horse. Thank you so much for the wonderful and extremely helpful guide.”

~ Reader from Nevada

Realistic solutions

“Your guide to stress relief is outstanding . . . I’ve read newspaper, magazine, and online articles, pamphlets, trusted scholarly journals, and books…no advice has been as to the point and helpful as yours. Thank you, for suggesting realistic solutions that can cross-relate with anything and anyone.”

~ Reader from Kansas

Expert advice and tips on dealing with stress

“I've been suffering with chronic stress/anxiety for some time and did not realize the impact and damage it has on my body (mentally, emotionally and physically) until recently . . . The symptoms, such as muscle pain, negative thoughts, irrational fear, insomnia, all became unbearable but thank God I found your site. All of your articles are extremely helpful and informative. Your expert advice and tips on dealing with stress are great help for me.”

~ Reader from Canada

Your article has filled me with genuine hope

“I feel supported and hopeful after reading your very comprehensive articles (on stress). It is so rare to find this kind of in-depth support, offering specific tools and self-help tips. I have always been a stressed person and am desperate now to bring real change into my life. Your article has filled me with genuine hope (it brought tears of relief to my eyes) and a positive and achievable way forward.”

~ Reader from the United Kingdom


You have no idea how much I appreciate this information

“[re: How to Stop Worrying] You have no idea how much I appreciate this information and I am going to start trying the techniques out tomorrow, particularly the putting some 'worry time aside. Sounds so reasonable to me, can't believe I didn't think of it.”

~ Reader from New Jersey

Really helped me put things into perspective

“I would like to extend heartfelt thanks to the authors of the How to Stop Worrying. I am in a difficult situation far away from home and I am so relieved to have read your guide, it really helped me put things into perspective. Thank you for taking the time to write it and share it with the world.”

~ Reader from the United Kingdom

Very helpful

“As a sufferer of panic disorder, found some of the tips [to be] the best I have encountered. Very helpful.”

~ Reader from the United Kingdom

Made me feel more at ease

“I have been having what I think are panic attacks and I can't sleep sometimes because they are so severe. Just reading about these symptoms has made me feel more at ease, knowing that this is a real thing and I'm not going crazy.”

~ Reader from Washington

This article is truly a Godsend

“I have had OCD and anxiety problems . . .  and sometimes it is such a seemingly hopeless, uphill struggle. This article is truly a Godsend, with all the advice you have so graciously doled out for free.”

~ Reader from Texas

Exceptionally useful

“I'm a trainee CBT therapist who also has personal difficulties with GAD and OCD. I would like to thank you and also commend you on an exceptionally useful, deceptively simple summary of worry. I found it useful both as a practitioner and a long-time worrier.”

~ Reader from the United Kingdom

Article on OCD is the best I have ever seen

“I think that your article on OCD is the best I have ever seen on that topic . . . The self-help tips were great. What I loved most was the section on tips for someone with a family member with OCD. My dad always yells at me for my rituals and my sister says I’m crazy and trying to get attention. I have printed this article out and will show it to my family. I hope it will make a difference in my life.”

~ Reader from South Carolina

Started practicing some of the techniques

“Thanks for the article on G.A.D. (Generalized Anxiety Disorder). I've struggled with it all my life and sometimes it's so overwhelming it scares the crap out of me. I started practicing some of the techniques . . . and they do work.”

~ Reader from Massachusetts

I've used your advice and have noticed immediate improvement

“I just want to say thank you for the article [How to Stop Worrying]. It is very thorough, and is helping me address issues I've had for over 10 years . . . Your words have really given me confidence and shown that my chronic worrying is something I can manage! I've used your advice and have noticed immediate improvement. I've calmed down considerably, become happier and can now focus on what needs to be done.”

~ Reader from the United Kingdom

So straightforward, so positive, and precisely what I needed

“I struggle with anxiety . . . commingled with panic attacks, making me miserable and frightened and feeling like I’m slowly going bonkers. It is a lonely, scary feeling—wondering what is wrong with me and why I cannot function like “normal” people. . . . I stumbled onto Helpguide. As I was reading the article about GAD [generalized anxiety disorder], I started crying. In a perfectly nice, friendly, and calming way it discussed EXACTLY how I felt. I just sat there bawling my eyes out because it was just so straightforward, so positive, and so precisely what I needed.”

~ Reader from Canada

Helping me get past my anxiety and borderline depression

“I am struggling through failures in what originally seemed like every aspect of my life. My grades were ailing, my relationships with friends and loved ones were tense and falling apart, my career prospects were looking dim. In short, life had seemingly reached rock bottom. . . . Your site has helped me so much in providing clear and extremely effective exercises and instructions on how to get past my anxiety and borderline depression.”

~ Reader from Massachusetts

Every time I get anxious I come back to this site

My first panic attack was about six months ago, since then I've been going through a very difficult time in my life. I never felt more alone, because no one could relate to what I was going through. The worst symptom I experience is insomnia. Sometimes I spend nights with only two or three hours of sleep. But finding this site, understanding the reason behind all of my symptoms and knowing that I am not alone or going crazy helped me so much. I am now going through therapy to treat my anxiety, but every time I get anxious I come back to this site and it is really helpful.

~ Reader from Puerto Rico

Made me feel okay about the feelings I was having

“I suffered abuse in my childhood and have just begun to face the fear and anxiety through therapy. Reading the (anxiety) article made me feel okay about the feelings I was having, and whenever I get really anxious I can come to this site and know that what I'm experiencing is completely normal. This resource is invaluable.”

~ Reader from New York

Helped me find lots of guidance

“I found this website extremely helpful and reassuring. I am only in my teens, but worry and struggle with problems a lot, which leaves me with stress and high anxiety. I have always been very sensitive. To find a site like this has helped me find lots of guidance, thank you.”

~ Reader from the United Kingdom

Cutting and Self-Harm

Has helped me beyond measure

“My 14-year-old daughter is active, beautiful, likeable, and has been cutting for almost a year. I was absolutely devastated. She has found a therapist who practices much of what is in this article and the article has helped me beyond measure. This is REAL and it does affect families. Thank You.”

~ Reader from Utah

Alternate strategies . . . to help release the tension/anger/sorrow

“[Cutting and Self Harm article] is perfect for people who indulge in self-damaging behavior. I think the outline of this page is really great and it's easy to understand and relate to. The part I liked the most was the alternate strategies and things to do to help release the tension/anger/sorrow--like paint with red paint, or draw, or write poems, or use red marker on our skin...”

~ Reader from New York

This website has everything so right

“I am currently dealing with self-harm. I love how this website has everything so right. It is true I don't want to kill myself. I cut to relieve my pain . . . I feel like I have no other way to cope but to cut and relieve all this tension. Thank you, finally someone . . . put my story up for people to realize the truth [about] self-harm.”

~ Reader from Texas

I found Helpguide and I calmed down

“Your website is so helpful. I've found out how to calm my anger and I'll try not to cut. My mom made me a counselor appointment and I got really mad and upset because I don't really like talking to people about stuff like that. But then I found Helpguide and I calmed down and I think I'm ready to talk to somebody about it. I hope to print some of your articles for my parents, my counselor, and some people I know at school. I just can't thank you enough.”

~ Reader from Tennessee



Like reading a description of my own life

“I had been seeing a therapist for performance problems at work. When she recommended that I be evaluated for ADHD, I was stunned. How could I have ADHD?  When I found your site, reading your discussion of signs and symptoms in adults was like reading a description of my own life. Since then I have learned much more about ADHD in adults, especially women, and I have learned much about myself and the symptoms that were there my whole life. Thank you for such a helpful site.”

~ Reader from New Hampshire

Such a relief

“For a few months now I have suspected that I have ADHD. My child has it and I started seeing that I had a lot of the problems he's having now. I have read the article and taken notes, made a report of my symptoms to take to my doctor so I don’t forget anything. I felt like I was reading a report about myself. For so long now I have thought I was a bad person. I hated myself. Not anymore. It’s such a relief knowing what I have and that there is treatment for it.”

~ Reader from Florida

Gave me the motivation and the information her doctor did not

“I have an 11 year old daughter who I believe suffers from ADD. Her primary care physician provided medication but I . . . don’t want medication to be the first and only step for helping her improve. This article gave me the motivation and the information her doctor did not provide.”

~ Reader from Maryland

Making huge improvements

“It was pretty clear to me quite soon after finding [your article] that my partner suffers from ADHD and this has been taking a huge toll on our relationship and family life. We are just starting to use the techniques suggested and so far it seems to be making huge improvements . . . the most important thing seems to be that we both understand the situation a lot better now and I too have been able to change my behavior to support my partner. . . It is such a huge relief for us to be getting back on track and to be able to organize things properly and be a lot less stressed.”

~ Reader from the UK

Wish I'd found your website a lifetime ago

“This is probably the most comprehensive website on the subject of Adult ADD I have ever read. I just wanted to thank you and let you know that it was very helpful. I am in the process of getting diagnosed at 52 years of age. My physician does not believe in Adult ADD, so I'm out on my own to attain this diagnosis. I've been compensating all my life — wish I'd found your website a lifetime ago.”

~ Reader from Delaware

Life looks so much more positive now

“Your website has bought me to tears. I have finally made it home. I feel that I can find and develop the right skills that I have been without for so long. Trying to cope with undiagnosed ADHD for most of my 47 years has been a nightmare. I was being treated for depression that I didn't have. Life looks so much more positive now.”

~ Reader from Australia

I do feel good in myself

“Thanks to the website I actually got organized and did some jobs and exercised. I do feel good in myself tonight.”

~ Reader from the United Kingdom

Bringing together all this current information about ADD

“Thank you for bringing together all this current information about ADD. I have been trying to research it for months, with frustrating results. I guess pulling together info from diverse sources can be pretty challenging for someone with ADD.”

~ Reader from New York

It really does make a difference

“I have had [ADD/ADHD] since childhood and did not even know until I was married. I knew something was wrong with me, but figured it wasn't that bad. My husband always made an issue out of so many things I did or did not do, so I . . . had him read it over and he agreed that I exhibited all the symptoms. I appreciated your article because it pointed out that many with this disorder are called lazy or stupid. I remember being called lazy. That really hurt. This article is so good, that I am printing out and giving it to my husband . . . so that he can be reminded of the symptoms of this disorder and try not to get so frustrated with me. I do the tips in your article by trying to eat healthy and exercise. It really does make a difference.”

~ Reader from California

You have no idea how much you have helped me

I have been going crazy helping my husband and thinking he could "try harder" to pay attention, focus, stop losing things etc., etc. Now I see it is a disease and, like any disease, I can't blame him for his symptoms. But I also see that he can do things to help his inabilities. You have no idea how much you have helped me."

~ Reader from Washington

Schizophrenia and Suicide Prevention

Suicide Prevention

Your words have helped give me hope

"I just want to express my gratitude for the helpful and balanced and hopeful articles that you have on, particularly on suicide, depression, abuse, all of which I have been struggling with. Today felt like the end, but your words have helped give me hope.”  

~ Reader from Vermont

You're saving lives

“I just stopped my friend from committing suicide this morning and got her the help she needs, and I couldn't have done that without your page on what to say to a severely suicidal person. Thank you so much. You're saving lives and making the world a better place.”

~ Reader from Pennsylvania

I can get through this

“This has helped me so much. Yes, I'm depressed and wish I could die, but now I understand there is a way out, and I can get through this. People can help me, adults or friends, and I can get through this! Thank you for the advice.”

~ Reader from the United Kingdom

The tools in your article have literally been life saving

“Thank you for your page on suicide prevention. I [have] had multiple episodes of suicidality, several of them landing me in the psychiatric ward . . . Before the last episode, I had shared your article with my wife and kids, and they actively used the tools from your page to keep me safe and get me the help I needed. The tools in your article have literally been life saving.”

~ Reader from North Carolina

I have forwarded this article to a lot of my friends and family

“What a great article you have developed on suicide prevention. As someone who is bipolar, and who has recently been through multiple episodes of suicidality, I can tell you that you are right on target with your advice. I have forwarded this article to a lot of my friends and family so they can help me even better if there is a next time. Thank you for caring.”

~ Reader from North Carolina

You may have just saved me

“I just want to thank you for being there when I needed you. I was sitting here hopeless and wanting to end things only because I saw no way out…I feel like you may have just saved me. Thank you so unbelievably much. I'm still sitting here with tears but it's tears of relief.”

~ Reader from the Canada

Gave me the tools I needed

“Thanks for all the info in the site. It helped me a lot to express myself better and gave me the tools I needed to talk to someone who is going through suicidal thoughts.”

~ Reader from the Argentina

I did call the Samaritans after reading Suicide Help

“Thank you so much for your help, I did call the Samaritans after reading Suicide Helpand they are going to phone me next week to see how I am.”

~ Reader from the United Kingdom

It saved my life this weekend

“I came across the info on coping with suicidal thoughts. It saved my life this weekend. Your advice is well thought out and meaningful to someone in such a severe state.”

~ Reader from Pennsylvania

There is a way out of that horrible thought process

“I've searched online for help many times, and finally found something that I can use to start a forward journey towards health. I've been contemplating suicide for so many years, which seemed inevitable, but I now feel there is a way out of that horrible thought process. This truly has been a life saver for me. Many, many thanks.”

~ Reader from Massachusetts

Resource for teens going through difficulties

“Your website has helped me quite a lot in dealing with friends. Thank you for taking the time to provide a resource [not only for] adults, but also towards teens going through difficulties. Right now I have a friend struggling with depression, suicide, and family troubles. I am always the friend that “is there” and this website helps me fill that role.”

~ Reader from Canada

Grief & Loss, PTSD & Trauma

Grief & Loss

Gave me the hope I have so desperately needed

“I have had a hard time today, because I just lost my forever soul mate. Your articles on suicide and grief gave me the hope I have so desperately needed. Thank you for caring about others and being willing to share articles during a difficult time. I am encouraged and feel so much better after finding your site.”

~ Reader from Colorado

The best article I have read regarding pet loss

“This is the best article I have read regarding pet loss. It's very reassuring that grieving a pet is normal. Non-pet owners are quite ignorant about the depth of mourning that takes place when you lose your loving pet companion. Thank you for putting this to words so well.”

~ Reader from Illinois

Such helpful insights

“Thank you for your excellent piece “Supporting a Grieving Person.” Today my family had some sad news – my mother-in-law has died after a lengthy illness. This wasn't entirely unexpected but still came as a blow to us all. In many respects I am lucky as I have very little experience of bereavement. But this meant I needed to find some support. Your article was a great help to me and I feel more confident now to provide the support that my partner and our family will need. Thank you to the writers and to the whole team for sharing such helpful insights.”

~ Reader from the United Kingdom

Your site is helping me a lot

“Just lost my pet who died of heart disease and I am not well. Your site is helping me a lot. Thank you so much.”

~ Reader from Brazil

You've honestly touched my soul

“I couldn't have chosen a better way to deal with my grief than this website. I have no physical support from anyone in my life and your advice was more than someone holding me as I grieved . . . My cat had been with me for eight years . . . the hardest years of my life. My cat was always there for me. He was my life for a long time. A definite companion and the most loving cat I've ever had. I held him as he took his lasts breaths and gave him a resting place later that evening. I just wanted to thank you for the support. This information helped me more than you know. I know I sound crazy but you've honestly touched my soul.”

~ Reader from Mississippi

A lovely article

“Just wanted to say what a lovely article [Coping with Pet Loss] was . . . Made me feel that it's okay for me to keep bursting into tears over having to get my beautiful cat put down. Was wondering why I was feeling such profound feelings of guilt and loss and missing him so much.”

~ Reader from New Zealand

Gave me greater clarity and hope

“Yours was the first article I turned to, in order to confirm that I was going through stages of grief, and it gave me greater clarity and hope.”

~ Reader from Canada

Your article offered me hope

“I lost my eldest cat on Wednesday . . . I miss him so much and have no one to talk to. Your article offered me hope and help with my acute guilt.”

~ Reader from Wisconsin

Finding your material and site inspirational

“I'm . . . becoming a professional grief counselor using solution-focused grief therapy and am finding your material and site inspirational.”

~ Reader from Canada

It has helped me and my family help one another

After reading your topic on coping with grief and loss, I now know why my father's consultant has told him he is suffering from depression. He has had all the symptoms you stated in your article after the death of our mum. It has not only helped me understand what dad needs, but also made me be there for him, include him in everything we do, and make him feel needed and loved. I would just like to say a big thank you from the bottom of my heart. It has helped me, my family, and dad go on and help one another.”

~ Reader from the United Kingdom

Your article was a help in coping

“This is one of the best articles I have ever read. We lost our dog after six years when she had to be put to sleep. Your article was a help in coping.”

~ Reader from Maryland

Clear, intelligent and unbiased guidance on grieving

"... died suddenly this last weekend and the news has generated a very complex mix of intense emotions for both of us. The clear, intelligent and unbiased guidance you offer on your site has proven helpful beyond measure. Thank you so much."

~ Reader from California

PTSD & Trauma

Your article spoke to me

“I was recently in a car accident and . . . there has been an obvious deterioration in my behavioral and emotional functioning. I could not understand why the feelings weren't going away, or why I seemed to be getting worse, not better. A couple of friends suggested I was traumatized, which I initially pooh-poohed, but then I started to really consider it and finally decided to research trauma. Your article spoke to me, and clarified a great deal. I am particularly grateful for the suggestions about how to self-help and what to expect going forward. ”

~ Reader from Canada

Your article helped open my mind

“I cannot express how much your article helped open my mind to something I thought I understood. My daughter is dealing with a significant trauma. After many years concealing the event she found her voice and is dealing with the underlying catalyst of her most recent challenges and behaviors. I found the article valuable and afforded me the opportunity to wrap my mind around emotions and thoughts she will be dealing with now.”

~ Reader from Florida

Sleep, Emotional Health, Memory, Relationships, Work & Career


This has helped my greatly

“The sleep article I read was amazing. Very good job, well done. This has helped my greatly. Thank you so much! I will surely be recommending this site to everyone I know.”

~ Reader from Canada

Concrete suggestions

“As a woman in her 70's, I have been having difficulties with sleep. I have spoken with my doctor and then read your article. It is very helpful! [It] offers concrete suggestions of steps to take. A thousand thanks.”

~ Reader from Connecticut

A fantastic help

“I started using Helpguide tonight when I couldn't sleep. As a teacher/parent/educator who has been ill, I found your resource a fantastic help and will use and recommend it. [It’s] much better than many resources I have used . . . in the past.”

~ Reader from the United Kingdom

Emotional Health

A very valuable resource

“I have researched and read MANY memory loss articles (Alzheimer’s runs in my family) and this is the easiest, best article I've read in a long time.”

~ Reader from Texas

Best article I've read in a long time

“Such an informative and supportive service . . . I'm a professional coach focused on leadership development and emotional intelligence is a topic that comes up frequently. You've been a very valuable resource and I'll be referring clients and personal contacts here.”

~ Reader from Canada


The answers are there

“I am currently going through a divorce, with a woman I have been married to for over 14 years. Since I have found your website, and the discussions about emotional intelligence, the attachment bond, etc., the picture has become clear to me . . . the reason why she could never have an emotional connection with me. At least now, I know why. I don't know if she will ever have the strength to face these issues, or the will to use this information to save our family, but it is good to know the answers are there. Your analysis and insight are right on the money.”

~ Reader from Massachusetts

Renewed love and warmth for my blessed little family

“I am confident now that your article [on Anger Management] will keep me more in check and watch myself as I really don’t want my children to go through the same unpredictable anger that I experienced as a child. I know now I have absolutely no business to treat my two beautiful children in an abusive manner, however difficult the situation can get. Thank you so much for being a guiding light and touching my heart with renewed love and warmth for my blessed little family.”

~ Reader from Australia

Work & Career

Helps to organize my job quest

“It's been several months since my job loss and beginning of my job quest.  The article speaks to me directly.  While I have heard many of the "tips" about how to get through this transition - and try to follow them - the article goes beyond tips.  It offers wisdom and understanding, and helps me to organize [my] job quest with greater energy and resolve.”

~ Reader from Wisconsin

Awesome article

“Awesome article on how to network when searching for work!”

~ Reader from Canada


Healthy Eating, Diet & Weight Loss, Exercise & Fitness

Healthy Eating

The best article I've read

“The best article I've read so far regarding healthy eating. I believe this will start me on my way to losing weight. Thank you very much for the great advice.”

~ Reader from Florida

Diet & Weight Loss

I have lost 240 lbs.!

“I have lost 240 lbs., and I find your website to be very helpful.”

~ Reader from California

Very helpful

“While researching some of the dangers associated with kids and childhood obesity, my class came across your page.  We found many of the articles on your page very helpful and I just thought it appropriate to pass along the positive feedback!”

~ Reader from Maine

Now I can help myself a little more

“Just diagnosed as diabetic, [Helpguide’s] the best help so far, dietary facts easy to understand. Now I can help myself a little more.”

~ Reader from Thailand

Exercise & Fitness

Much more than a website

“I am a medical fitness professional with 33 years' experience. I have witnessed the countless trends and fad-diet approaches my clients (and many others) fall prey to—with the unhealthy results . . . I am writing to say THANK YOU for the time, effort and passion that has gone in to what is much more than a website.”

~ Reader from South Carolina

Children & Family: Parental Attachment, Grandparenting, Divorce, Teen Issues

Parenting & Attachment

Helped heal my life

“. . . The article on Attachment/Reactive Attachment Disorders . . . provided the missing pieces, and has helped heal my life, and will allow me to help heal the lives of the people I love. I see so many people who suffer the same thing. We can be free now. The sensitivity with which the subject matter is handled, the depth of understanding therein, the clarity and lack of "ego", and professionalism of the website itself—all of these things are greatly appreciated.”

~ Reader from Australia


Complete solace in your website

“I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart. [I] find complete solace in your website as I am a grandparent of an abandoned child, a step-mother of two sexually abused children . . . I thank God that he has given me the privilege of helping these children. Your website is awesome.”

~ Reader from California

Breakup & Divorce

Everything resonated with me

“I read [Coping with a Breakup or Divorce] and everything resonated with me. My partner and I were together for 2 years and I feel lost like I am in a fog or…a bad dream which I cannot wake from. Your article…will be with me every day so I can use it as a mantra to remember that I will make it through this.”

~ Reader from South Carolina

It helped me so much

“I recently got divorced and it's been extremely difficult for me. I was reading about coping with divorce on your web site at work today, and it helped me so much. I was having a bad moment and after I read your web page I felt better. I just want to thank you for sharing this wisdom via your web site. I'm sure your site helps more people than you will ever know.”

~ Reader from Illinois

Many can benefit from following the appropriate suggestions

“My wife and I have a blended family. The very structure which is set-up in this article is how we chose to follow through with blending our family. There are set-backs from time to time; however, it is a family of people who have become willing to engage, and choose to [do so] in a healthy manner. Thank you for the reminders which are well worth their weight…many can benefit from following the appropriate suggestions found in this article.”

~ Reader from South Carolina

I feel empowered by your advice

“I have been through a lot of emotions dealing with my child’s breakdowns due to bullying at school, caring for my elderly mother, recently losing my job, and experiencing financial hardship, as well as coping with a bad relationship which is making me an emotional wreck. I just want to thank you all for this valuable support which I will focus on to get me through . . . I was at my wits end and now I feel empowered by your advice.”

~ Reader from the United Kingdom

Thank you for your insightful article and advice

“I've been divorced now for three months and [your article] gave me a lot to think about. What was the most compelling is [the section on] self-reflection. I do know where and how things went wrong, and I acknowledge and take responsibility for the part I played in the demise of my marriage. Moving forward, I know that I can work on my faults and I hope I will have the opportunity to meet someone special one day when the time is right. Thank you for your insightful article and advice.”

~ Reader from South Africa

Child & Teen Issues

Loads of handy hints and tips that might be appropriate for any given family

“I have never written to an organization before but I thought I'd just say that I've only just found your website and it's great! [Our company] works with families in crisis and many of our parents have difficulties with mental health issues. It's often post-natal depression, depression, or attachment difficulties and our volunteers try to offer emotional and practical support. Your web site has just given us loads and loads of handy hints and tips that might be appropriate for any given family.”

~ Reader from the United Kingdom

I will be sharing your website with my families

“Thank you for this emphasis on emotion and body awareness. I work with families of children with special needs, who experience a lot of strain, stress, and loss...helping them identify their emotions and make sense of them is a large part of my work with them. I also help them with their emotional interactions with their child...gaining more non-verbal insight...which brings them closer and supports their child's development. I will be sharing your website with my families!”

~ Reader from Colorado

After 50: Aging Well, Alzheimer's & Dementia, Caregiving

Alzheimer’s Disease & Dementia

The best site I have found

“It is the best site I’ve found in 3 years. My wonderful husband had a mild stroke during surgery and went on to develop Alzheimer’s. This site is a blessing not only for him but for me as his full-time caregiver. Thank you!”

~ Reader from Ohio

How much help this info is for caregivers and loved ones

“I’ve been praying that you would republish the Lewy Body info. Today I noticed it was up once again. . . I hope you know how much help this info is for caregivers and loved ones. It’s plain English for those with newly diagnosed loved ones searching for understanding and ways to calm fears of the unknown. It’s also a way for those of us that are caregivers to educate others in a less clinical manner. . . I find this info to be spot on with my experience living with and caring for my husband who has Lewy Body Dementia.”

~ Reader from California

I shall be a regular visitor

I know that I shall be a regular visitor as I go through the continuing stages of this awful disease as a carer for my lovely 83 year-old mother. I shall not just live it but, life willing, I shall share it with some of those who are following in my footsteps. We are all learning.

~ Reader from the United Kingdom

Great points that I never considered

“The [Alzheimer’s Behavior Management] article was very informative. It also gave great points that I never considered and ideas that can be shared with others. I can also use them as a relief for the patient that I care for daily.”

~ Reader from Alabama


Very thankful

“My colleague broke down yesterday and wept. Her partner has been suffering from [physical health] problems and depression . . .  I sent her the link to the material on 'Caregiving' on the Helpguide website and she is very thankful. I write this to acknowledge the role that Helpguide has played in the wellbeing of my family and friends.”

~ Reader from India

Great resource

“I found a lot of great help on your site and wanted to thank you for the great resource. I looked after my father his last 10 years and know how few times we get thanked for the work.”

~ Reader from Canada

Emotional Intelligence Toolkit

Your work is making lives better

“Thanks for helping me learn to Ride the Wild Horse during a challenging time a few months ago. I'm still working on it but feel much better. Keep it up—your work is making lives better every day!”

~ Reader from Germany

Life-changing toolkit

“Learning quick stress relief is the best thing I've ever done. Thank you very much for this life-changing toolkit. I'm a more positive and happier person now.”

~ Reader from Paraguay

Truly a blessing for me

“I would like to thank you for your brilliant toolkit. After finding myself on a seemingly endless emotional rollercoaster as I tried to deal with some recent traumatic events that triggered a tidal wave of complex emotions…I recognized that I needed to face these emotions squarely and learn to manage them more appropriately…The more I've used [the toolkit], the more the intensity of my emotions and my mental attachment to them has been lessening. More recently, I have a chance to put this training into practice and I've found that I've been able to feel my emotions fully, but retain more control over myself when faced with difficult situations…This is truly a blessing for me.”

~ Reader from Canada

Well-organized, easy to follow program

“I have not received professional help for my extreme anxiety and stress in the past because that process itself has felt overwhelming. Finding this website that explained about why I am feeling and acting the way I do has really made sense to me . . . The step by step toolkit with actual skills I can work on is really great. It was especially helpful for me to hear that there are things that I can do things help myself – I had stopped believing that . . . I will share this with my kids/teens so they can learn to deal with things better than I have. I just wanted to say thank you for a well-organized, easy to follow program you have made available online with real substance and guidance.”

~ Reader from Missouri

Very happy with the results

“I have been using the meditation for two months now and am very happy with the results. The meditation experience is positive and the day to day results are positive. I am more mindful of myself and of others. I have a better understanding of myself, my emotions, and how I developed.”

~ Reader from New York

My psychiatrist suggested this site

“My psychiatrist suggested this site and I now recommend it to my clients. The site is both informative and for me very encouraging. Perhaps with this additional tool, I will eventually find some emotional peace.”

~ Reader from Washington

The experience helped me find some clarity

“I have been working through your toolkit and did my first Ride the Wild Horse meditation this weekend. It was actually a challenging experience for me. I felt trapped by my emotion and my whole body started bucking, as if to be released. The experience helped me find some clarity about my relationship to my emotions in a way I hadn't seen things before.”

~ Reader from Virginia

What a wonderful resource

“This site is really wonderful. I discovered it while trying to cope with anxiety . . .  I have been actively using the toolkit and the meditation. The progress I have made dealing with my emotions and some of the difficult challenges in my life has been remarkable. I have even turned my husband and brother on to the site and they have been doing the meditation.  What a wonderful resource that really makes a difference by giving people the tools they need to cope.”

~ Reader from North Carolina

Benefits from using it

“I so greatly appreciate the meditation and accompanying information.  Frequently, I introduce [the toolkit] to my clients and they, too, express much appreciation and benefits from using it.”

~ Reader from Maine

When I saw your videos, it all "clicked" for me

“I have been experiencing a lot of stress due to a car accident . . .When I saw your videos, it all "clicked" for me. I knew I had to gain control of my emotions and get back to being me again. I now realize, pacifying my immediate pain wasn't enough, I needed to address the pain and put my emotions in check so I could return to my productive life, where everyone I loved could enjoy my company again. Thank you for being there.”

~ Reader from Canada

Incredibly valuable assistance

“I found your site . . . after countless downloads of free self-help e-books and bookmarking dozens of other sites (in addition to countless self-help books I bought back when I had money to spend) . . . When I watched just this one video a moment ago, it resonated with me so deeply. I wrote much of it down. That helps it "sink in". Thank you SO MUCH for offering this incredibly valuable assistance.”

~ Reader from Florida

It has given me hope

“This is one of the most meaningful and helpful resources I've found anywhere. I don't know how to say thank you for the toolkit, other than to tell you it has given me hope and a new approach to my thinking.”

~ Reader from New Hampshire

I will never be without anxiety, but now I know how to deal with it

“I have been on and off antidepressants for years . . . I thought medication was the only answer for me. I had tried to manage my anxiety on my own only to give up and go back on medication. I was scared, and I did not trust myself. I felt so out of control of my emotions. . . . I watched the videos in the Emotional Toolkit, read the articles, and listened to "Riding the Wild Horse." I worked hard for the next four months and used the techniques taught on this website. My anxiety has decreased, and I feel so powerful! All without nasty side effects. :) I wish I would have found your website sooner. I know that I will never be without anxiety, but now I know how to deal with it.”

~ Reader from Idaho

The Ride the Wild Horse meditation proved to be the wonderful answer

“The Ride the Wild Horse meditation was of real help. After going through some really traumatic incident in my teens and later in my adult life, I had shut myself off emotionally and had as a result had problems relating to people. After realizing this, I was looking for some process that would help me to open up emotionally. The Ride the Wild Horse meditation proved to be the wonderful answer.”

~ Reader from India

Helped me a lot with my own healing

“Your toolkit helped me a lot with my own healing and my work as volunteer trauma support counselor. Currently our family is mourning the loss of my brother and, once again, [the toolkit] is becoming my point of reference.”

~ Reader from South Africa

So nice to have a website that is not trying to sell you something

“I've been clean and sober from drugs and alcohol for the last 14 months. I have suffered also from major depression and GAD [generalized anxiety disorder]. I, like so many others, was a victim of emotional and physical trauma as an infant and child. I have been using the Ride the Wild Horse meditation and find it very helpful and enjoyable. It is so nice to have a website like yours that is not trying to sell you something. This means a whole lot to me. It makes me feel cared about.”

~ Reader from Florida

On the path to being the loving and caring person I once was

“I struggle greatly with my divorce (a year ago) and adjusting to being a single mom. . . . In my search for help, I have come across your site. I am currently going through the toolkit and consistently finding relief. Thank you for having this amazing tool here to help people like me. I feel as though I have found something to finally help me refocus all of this hurt and stress and start me on the path to being the loving and caring person I once was.”

~ Reader from California

I am learning not to fear

“This toolkit . . . has impacted my life in so many ways. I didn't realize how out of touch I was with my emotional intelligence. Childhood trauma, sexual assault and the aftermath had scarred my emotional connections. I was prone to mild depression, anxiety, fears, and felt frozen. Now I am learning not to fear but rather to embrace my emotions and I am gradually beginning to accept that my emotions are a gift not a curse. I have followed the steps as outlined in the toolkit and it was easy to do.”

~ Reader from Canada

Always thought of my emotions as something to avoid

“I suffer from depression and anxiety. I find the articles and the videos very helpful. I find the "tone" within the resources to be supportive (and) love that the focus on mental health is shifting to emotional intelligence. I have always thought of my emotions as something to avoid (but) am now seeing that they are valid, and that they tell us a lot. Thank you so much for making this vital information available to everyone, free of charge.”

~ Reader from Canada