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The Science Behind this Course

The Scientific Basis Behind this Skill-Building Program

This toolkit is based on the transformations that have taken place in the field of psychology. Emotion is now at the heart of clinical theory and is seen as the foundation to psychological change. Moreover, we also now know that all of our thinking benefits greatly from having an emotional component.

Watch the video: Why is emotion so important?

Dr. Allan Schore, is a clinician-scientist at the UCLA Center for Culture, Brain, and Development and the UCLA Department of Psychiatry and Biobehavioral Sciences. He is the author of three seminal volumes as well as numerous and articles and chapters. His work has been an important catalyst in the ongoing “emotional revolution” now occurring across all clinical and scientific disciplines.

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Mary Helen Immordino-Yang, Ed.D. is a cognitive neuroscientist and educational psychologist who studies the brain bases of emotion, social interaction and culture and their implications for development and schools. She lectures nationally and abroad on the implications of brain and cognitive science research for curriculum and pedagogy.

For a complete bibliography of the science behind the toolkit, click here.