Feeling Loved Book


The Science of Nurturing Meaningful Connections and Building Lasting Happiness

"In a world where fear and anxiety block the capacity for love, Feeling Loved can open your heart.”

Feeling Loved addresses the need for greater satisfaction in our relationships with friends, family, or romantic partners. If you’re receptive to making changes, Emotional Intelligence pioneer, Jeanne Segal, Ph.D., shows you how to get and give loving experiences that are nurturing, fulfilling, and lasting.

The book draws on the latest discoveries in brain science that link mental, emotional, and social health to the experience of feeling that you are loved. It also explores the things we do that hijack our ability to stay connected to ourselves and others.

In Feeling Loved you learn to:

  • Identify and overcome challenges that block your ability to get and give love
  • Use proven techniques to quickly reduce stress and regulate out-of-control emotions
  • Effectively communicate your needs and resolve disagreements
  • Build healthier, more supportive relationships with anyone

Enhanced with inspiring and illustrative real-life stories, Feeling Loved is thoroughly absorbing and exceptionally well written.

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