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Exercise & Fitness

Being physically active can ease depression, relieve stress and anxiety, enhance self-esteem, and improve your whole outlook on life. And you don’t have to spend long, boring hours in a gym to reap these benefits. Whatever your age, health limitations, or fitness levels, you can develop an exercise program that’s fun, rewarding, and fits your life.

The Mental Health Benefits of Exercise

Everyone knows that regular exercise is good for the body. But here's how exercise can improve your mental health.

How to Start Exercising and Stick to It

Whatever your age or fitness level—even if you’ve never exercised a day in your life —there are steps you can take to make exercise less painful and more fun.

Senior Exercise and Fitness Tips

No matter your age or your current physical condition, these tips can show you simple, enjoyable ways to become more active and improve your health and outlook.

How to Exercise if You Have Limited Mobility

If injury, disability, illness, or weight problems have limited your mobility, there are still plenty of ways you can use exercise to boost your mood, relieve stress and anxiety, and improve your outlook.