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What our readers tell us about HelpGuide:

"This website has literally saved my life. I don’t feel so frightened of my disorder now." ~ from New York

"I’m on antidepressants and don’t want to increase them. I feel a huge relief that there’s something I can do for myself." ~ from California

"Your website has been life-changing in our family. We have been working on how to handle stress and anger." ~ from Canada

"Just to say thank you for the sound advice and researched information this site provides for people who try to live a healthy life . . . I have turned to this site to deal with many difficult moments in my life, and the help you gave has always helped." ~ from India

"I have spent the evening reading your site to help me through what seems an eternal black hole. What I have read this evening has given me more strength than I have had in a long time. I will now take my notes and hope to start the journey to living again." ~ from United Kingdom

"I just want to thank you for being there when I needed you. I was sitting here hopeless and wanting to end things only because I saw no way out…I feel like you may have just saved me. Thank you so unbelievably much. I'm still sitting here with tears but it's tears of relief." ~ from Canada

"Thanks for providing the truth in a trusted source. I know it’s not very profitable but you saved my life and I am forever grateful." ~ from New York

"This website took the doctor-speak of my illness and made it understandable to me. I can now take better care of myself." ~ from Florida

"I was scared to talk to anyone because they would judge me, but every question I wanted to ask was answered in your website." ~ from the United Kingdom

"The Suicide Help article really helped me a lot. I honestly don’t know what may have happened if I hadn’t come across it. I am truly thankful." ~ from Maryland

"Sometimes it is really helpful for someone else to point out stuff that we as parents and professionals can't see because we are in the eye of the storm. Keep up the good work – you have no idea of the help and huge sigh of relief you are giving to families like us." ~ from United Kingdom

"I looked over the entire website and so thankful and inspired by it. This site will be invaluable and crucial to my recovery and deepening my life. I'm a critical thinker and know when I found something valuable and trustworthy. Thank you so so much." ~ from Wisconsin

"This is the most helpful, clearly written, well laid out, well-sourced material I have ever found on the internet… Thank you for such a wonderful contribution to helping get the right messages and information out." ~ from Australia

"When I found your page, it was a relief. It was clear and I love your suggestions and easy tips. Your article and all your related information gave me a new hope." ~ from Mexico