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Domestic Abuse

Domestic violence and abuse can happen to anyone, yet the problem is often overlooked, excused, or denied. It can take the form of physical battery, emotional bullying, psychological coercion, or sexual abuse. By learning about the different types of domestic abuse and what you can do to stop or prevent it, you can make a huge difference in your own or someone else’s life.

Domestic Violence and Abuse

Acknowledging the signs of an abusive relationship are the first steps to ending it. If you recognize yourself or someone you know in these descriptions of abuse, reach out now.

Getting Out of an Abusive Relationship

Getting out of an abusive relationship isn’t easy. But there are many resources available for abused women. You deserve to live free of fear. Start by reaching out.

Help for Men Who Are Being Abused

As an abused man, you’re likely facing a shortage of resources, skepticism from police, and major legal obstacles. These guidelines can help you overcome these challenges and escape the abuse.

Child Abuse and Neglect

By learning about common signs of abuse and how you can intervene, you can make a huge difference in a child’s life.

Elder Abuse and Neglect

If you suspect that an elderly person is at risk from a neglectful or overwhelmed caregiver, or being preyed upon financially, here's how to prevent and report the problem.

Recovering from Rape and Sexual Trauma

The trauma of being raped or sexually assaulted can be shattering. But no matter how bad you feel right now, there are ways to regain your sense of safety and trust.