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Emotional Intelligence Toolkit

Emotional Intelligence Toolkit

Five-Step Program for Managing Overwhelming Stress and Emotions

Jeanne Segal

This FREE program includes articles, videos, and audio meditations. You’ll learn why emotional intelligence is so important to your emotional and physical health and then two core skills for reducing overwhelming stress. Each step builds on the skills you’ve just learned to help you explore your moods, manage stress, and take control of your emotional health.

  • Identify chronic or overwhelming stress in yourself and others
  • Recognize what you and others are thinking and feeling
  • Quickly reduce stress in any setting or situation
  • Repair wounded feelings and disagreements

We often hear from people who feel overwhelmed by stress, family, work and relationship problems, health challenges, and painful emotions. They’ve tried many approaches to help themselves feel better, but they just can’t seem to follow through, or what they’ve done hasn't helped them enough. If this sounds familiar, you know that it’s all too easy to become discouraged when you’re stuck. The problem is not willpower—all the willpower in the world won’t matter if you can’t manage stress or keep your emotions in balance.

The good news: you can learn these important emotional skills, no matter your age or the obstacles you face. That’s what this free online program teaches. As you work through the toolkit, you’ll begin replacing old emotional habits with healthier ways of thinking, feeling, behaving, and relating to others.

Skill building, like any learning, takes time and effort. Self-defeating habits get grooved in the brain and it takes practice to create new grooves. Our therapeutic program guides you every step of the way and helps keep you motivated as you change your brain and bring your life back into balance.


“The progress I have made dealing with my emotions and some of the difficult challenges in my life has been remarkable.”
~ Reader from North Carolina

“This is one of the most meaningful and helpful resources I've found anywhere.”
~ Reader from New Hampshire

“My anxiety has decreased, and I feel so powerful! All without nasty side effects.”
~ Reader from Idaho