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Depression is more than just feeling sad. It drains your optimism, energy, and drive. It can seem like there’s no way out. But no matter how bad you feel, there’s always hope. Read on to learn about symptoms, treatment, and recovery.

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Depression FAQs

What are the different types of depression?
Depression comes in different shapes and forms, often depending on the severity of your symptoms. While differentiating between mild, moderate, and major depression can be complicated, understanding the type of depression you have can often help you to find the most effective treatment. Read: Clinical Depression and Other Depression Types.
Pornography and depression: Is there a link?
There’s no consensus on the relationship between depression and pornography. Some research seems to indicate that people who are depressed are more likely to frequently view pornography, perhaps to cope with persistent negative emotions, such as loneliness. Other findings indicate that excessive pornography use may increase depression if the viewer sees their own behavior as problematic. Learn more about the causes of depression.
Am I depressed?
Depression can look different in different people, often according to your age, gender, and other factors. While there is no definitive depression test, taking HelpGuide’s free online depression quiz can help you spot the warning signs and recognize the symptoms.
What is clinical depression?
Clinical depression, also known as major depression or major depressive disorder, is the most severe form of depression. It is characterized by acute, relentless feelings of helplessness and despair that impact your ability to function in daily life.
What does depression feel like?
Some people describe depression as “living in a black hole” or having a feeling of impending doom, while others feel lifeless, empty, and apathetic. Some people, men in particular, may feel angry and restless rather than sad and hopeless. Depression can also feel different if you’re a teen or an older adult, a man or a woman. Read: Depression Symptoms and Warning Signs.