9.0 Excellent
Therapists specialize in couples counseling
Both partners participate with one subscription
Additional resources like worksheets and lectures
High satisfaction rate from survey respondents
9.0 Excellent

Healthy relationships are an important part of feeling connected to those around us. Studies show improving the health of your relationships can also improve your mental health. Regain is an online therapy platform from BetterHelp that offers couples and relationship counseling. Our Handbook Team personally tested the platform to find out how Regain works and what tools it offers to support healthier relationships. Read on for our review of this couples-focused online therapy platform. 

Regain overview

Key highlights

  • Best for: Relationship therapy, premarital counseling, co-parent counseling, and divorce counseling. 
  • Cost: $260–$360 per month ($65–$90 per week).
  • Session lengths: 30–45 minutes.
  • Types of services offered: Individual therapy, couples therapy.
Licensed therapists specialized relationship therapy.
Both partners can participate through one subscription.
Features and resources included to support you in between sessions.
Doesn’t take insurance.
Issues with canceling a subscription.

Insights from our testers

Our Handbook Team tester was impressed by how quickly they and their partner could get started with relationship therapy on Regain. 

From our testers

“The availability really impressed us. Not only were there night appointments, but there were multiple night appointments most nights of the week. It also helped that we had an incredible therapist who made time in her schedule any week we needed it. I think we would have lost our momentum if we had to go long stretches between appointments or if we’d had to wait a long time before our first appointment.”

Regain is a sister platform of BetterHelp, but its features are slightly different and tailored toward relationship and couples therapy. In addition to the four live therapy sessions included in its monthly subscription, features on Regain include:

  • A separate login and digital journal for each partner. 
  • Digital worksheets assigned by therapists. 
  • A shared messaging room between you, your partner, and your therapist. 
  • Ability to attend classes (formerly called Groupinars) and video lectures by Regain therapists.

We liked that the platform included additional resources like digital worksheets and classes alongside sessions with therapists. Our testers found the worksheets useful, helping them prepare for their live sessions with discussion points. Experts like Frank Thewes, a licensed clinical social worker in Princeton, New Jersey, encourage self-reflection for each partner in a relationship as an important driver of progress in relationship therapy.

Self-reflection is the secret sauce in couples therapy. That’s why it’s possible to make relationship changes even when you’re attending individual therapy. You have to look at what you do that promotes toxic patterns and incomplete communication. You have to take responsibility for yourself as a way to improve the relationship as a whole.

Frank Thewes, LCSW.

Our testers also liked the classes on Regain, called webinars, led by licensed therapists. Users can join anonymously and participate in Q&A segments. Classes were categorized under the following topics:

  • Wellness.
  • Skill building series.
  • Relationships.
  • Anxiety.
  • Substance abuse.
  • Trauma. 

Classes can be a way for both partners to reflect on how they participate in relationships and learn new skills in areas like communication and conflict resolution. According to Domenique Harrison, licensed marriage and family therapist (LMFT) in Los Angeles, California, these skills are often the weakest in couples seeking relationship therapy. She further explains a lack of strong relationship skills can lead to defensive responses, resentment, pain, and disconnection. 

Regain users can switch their therapy provider anytime to find the right fit. When our testers felt their initial therapist wasn’t the right match, they were given an expanded list of provider profiles to help them choose their next provider and were able to schedule their first appointment with this new therapist that same week. 

Users on Regain can connect with their therapists online via messaging and live (audio or video) sessions on the platform. Our testers liked that their therapist messaged them to check in between sessions. According to our tester couple, it made their experience feel more personal than what they expected from online couples therapy. 

However, you won’t be able to message your therapist privately with Regain. The messaging room is shared between you, your partner, and your therapist, so the group can see all messages. Entries in your digital journal are not shared unless you share them with your therapist and partner in the group messaging room. 

Despite having a positive experience with the platform’s services and features, our testers experienced an inconvenient back-and-forth with customer service. While canceling their Regain subscription, testers noticed their final appointment was also canceled, because it was scheduled the same day that their subscription was set to renew. Our testers had to email Regain customer service a few times to clarify their situation before the platform offered to extend their subscription end date to accommodate their appointment. 

Handbook tip

Be mindful of your billing cycle dates when booking appointments on online therapy platforms with subscription-based payment. Appointments booked on or after your subscription renewal date may be counted toward the next cycle’s sessions, and these appointments may be canceled when you cancel your subscription.

Though other online therapy platforms may also count appointments booked on subscription renewal dates in the next cycle, our testers found their experience with Regain customer service less helpful than expected. 

What other users are saying

In our October 2023 survey of 600 online therapy users, we learned that respondents who opted for online couples therapy preferred it over traditional therapy because of the convenience of attending sessions at home. Respondents indicated they chose online couples therapy for the following reasons: 

  • To avoid commuting to their provider’s office.
  • To attend sessions from the privacy of their home.
  • Unable to attend in-person sessions due to caregiving responsibilities, i.e., childcare. 

We learned with any online therapy platform, finding the right fit with a therapist can still be time-consuming. Our tester couple found their first therapist match quickly, but still had to switch to find a better fit. Similarly, the majority (81 percent) of Regain respondents in our survey took up to two weeks to get started with their therapists.

Taking the time to find the right fit can be rewarding, however. Compared to all respondents who used online therapy platforms, respondents who used Regain used the platform for longer. Sixty-nine percent of respondents who used Regain used the platform for more than six months, compared to 42 percent of all survey respondents.

Getting longer-term support from therapists can help build an effective therapeutic relationship. When we held a focus group interview with real online therapy users, one individual shared how the therapeutic relationship with their therapist motivated them to continue receiving mental health care. 

You get used to a certain person, and I look forward to my sessions because this person knows me now. And it takes time. It takes time to build that relationship, and once that relationship is built, it’s like, I don’t want to break that.

Focus group participant, online therapy user.

HelpGuide Handbook’s online therapy testing experience

of research
7,500+   hours
of research
70   platforms
14   platforms
1,200   people
20   people
60+   experts

Collectively, the Handbook Team has put in more than 7,500 hours of research, testing, and evaluation to review different online therapy platforms, down to the fine print. We wrote this review to guide you in finding a provider who can best fit your mental health care needs.

Our Handbook Team has consulted with more than 60 mental health experts in total. Testers explore the platforms and attend online therapy sessions for at least four weeks. Our testers are instructed to test the platforms through the lens of a real user, paying attention to how easy or difficult it is to find a therapist they could talk to. Testers log their experience in a diary and come together to share their findings when testing concludes.

Our challenge is to test and evaluate the features and experience of the platforms themselves rather than the care from individual providers.

How we tested Regain

Our Online Therapy Testing Process
Fill out the intake assessment. Fill out the intake assessment.
Subscribe as a new user. Subscribe as a new user.
Get matched with a therapist. Get matched with a therapist.
Schedule and attend sessions on the platform for one month. Schedule and attend sessions on the platform for one month.
Go through the steps to switch therapists. Go through the steps to switch therapists.
Contact customer support with questions. Contact customer support with questions.
Explore platform features such as journals, worksheets, and group sessions. Explore platform features such as journals, worksheets, and group sessions.
Cancel subscription. Cancel subscription.

We assign couples to test the Regain platform, and they complete online therapy sessions for four weeks. Our testers try both the desktop platform and the mobile app. These testers use the platform through the lens of a real user, paying attention to how easy or difficult it was to find a therapist they could talk to. The couples compare notes and talk about what tools they found useful in their relationship and what they don’t like about their experience. We combine that documentation with research and interviews with our medical experts. For a review on a couples counseling platform, we speak to Licensed Marriage and Family Therapists (LMFTs) and therapists who specialize in relationships.

Compare Regain with other online counseling platforms

Provider Monthly Cost Services Offered Accepts Insurance? Visit Site
$260–$360 Individual and couples therapy No Visit Site
$436 Individual and couples therapy; Psychiatry Yes Visit Site
$440 Individual and couples therapy No Visit Site
$436–$516 Individual and couples therapy; Psychiatry; Urgent care Yes Visit Site
$640–$700† Individual, couples, child, teen, and family therapy; Psychiatry Yes Visit Site

* Monthly cost for four weekly live therapy sessions without using insurance.

† Estimated monthly cost for an initial session ($220) and three follow-up sessions ($160 each), or four follow-up sessions. Actual costs may vary by clinician, per Thriveworks customer service. 

Regain cost and payment options

A Regain subscription can cost between $65–$90 per week or $260–$360 per month, making it an affordable online therapy platform. According to the platform, subscriptions are billed monthly, and the cost can vary depending on your location and preferences. Like most other online therapy subscriptions, you can cancel your subscription anytime. 

You can pay by credit card, PayPal, or Google Pay. Unlike its sister sites, BetterHelp and TeenCounseling, Regain doesn’t allow you to use your Flexible Spending Account (FSA) or Health Savings Account (HSA) funds to pay for its subscription. 

Insurance options

Regain does not take insurance for its subscriptions and doesn’t accept FSA or HSA cards. Although most health insurance plans include behavioral health benefits, coverage for couples therapy can vary by insurance plan. 

If you are looking for a platform that takes insurance, read our review of the best online therapy that takes insurance.

Regain financial aid

Regain offers financial aid for users who sign up and can’t afford therapy. After completing the intake questionnaire and registering for a Regain account, we found the financial aid application on the checkout page. 

Financial aid is calculated based on factors such as your and your partner’s employment status, financial burden, and veteran or military status.

In a mental health emergency:

Online therapists may not be the most appropriate resource to help in a mental health crisis. If you or someone you know is a danger to themselves or others around them, it is an emergency, and cannot wait for an online therapist’s response.

Don’t wait. You can find help immediately by:

All the above options will connect you with trained professionals who can provide crisis support. You can find even more resources, including international options, on our helpline directory page.

Our final verdict

Research has shown that virtual couples counseling can be just as effective as in-person couples counseling. Couples looking for online relationship therapy may find Regain’s feature-packed platform to be a valuable monthly subscription. Our Handbook Team liked that they were matched quickly, could switch therapists easily, and remained connected to their therapist via unlimited messaging between sessions. Unlike other online telehealth platforms that only offer couples therapy sessions, we liked that users on Regain had the option to learn more about themselves and their relationships through self-reflection tools and video lectures. Still, teletherapy may not be right for you and your partner, and Regain is not a good option if you wish to use your insurance to pay for therapy or if you are looking for an online psychiatry option.

Frequently asked questions

Once you sign up for a Regain subscription, you will be matched with a licensed therapist and can book your first appointment. As part of your subscription, you can invite your partner to the platform, and you have access to resources like a digital journal, a shared chat room with your therapist, classes, and the platform’s video lectures about relationship skills and mental health. 

Regain is a legitimate online therapy platform that offers relationship therapy sessions with licensed therapists. The platform has provider profiles displaying the therapist’s credentials and license number.

No, Regain doesn’t have a free trial, but it does offer financial assistance for those who qualify.

No, Regain doesn’t take insurance for its subscription.


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