Same-day appointments are quick and easy to schedule.
Coupons may help lower ED medication costs.
Prescription home delivery or 30-minute delivery to your pharmacy.
Coupon pharmacy prices fluctuate daily.

Erectile dysfunction (ED) may seem like an uncomfortable subject to talk about, but it shouldn’t be. ED is treatable and quite common, affecting 30 million people in the United States alone. But even so, ED can bring about feelings of shame, embarrassment, or frustration. 

You are not alone if you feel this way. In our survey of 350 people who used a telehealth platform for ED medication, 70 percent of participants felt shame about having ED before they sought treatment. We, the Handbook Team, want to help break the stigma and help you make informed decisions about your health. There is nothing to be ashamed of, and you should feel comfortable seeking treatment. Having a healthy sex life directly relates to your overall health and well-being. 

“[Erectile dysfunction] is quite a prevalent issue, and it’s crucial to know that reaching out for support demonstrates strength, not vulnerability,” says LeMeita Smith, director of clinical services at United Health Services. “Taking that initial step may seem daunting, but it’s also a courageous one for your own well-being.”

Online platforms like Hims and GoodRx help make ED treatment more accessible, especially because many insurance companies have limited to no coverage for ED medication. GoodRx provides affordable, quick, and discrete treatment through its telehealth platform. 

We think GoodRx is a valuable option for people seeking a same-day consultation with a health care provider. And if you don’t have health insurance, GoodRx is an affordable choice for ED treatment and medication management.

Why HelpGuide cares about sexual wellness

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Four out of 10 men in their 40s experience erectile dysfunction (ED), and it becomes more common with age. That means a staggering number of men don’t feel satisfied with their ability to perform sexually. We know this can lead to performance anxiety, less intimacy, tension in a partnered relationship, low self-esteem, depression, increased stress, and even increased absenteeism at work. 

“All of these things have been described in patients that I’ve seen and treated with erectile dysfunction,” says Fenwa Milhouse, a board-certified urologist and CEO of Down There Urology. “Feeling less of a man, feeling less worthy, feeling less like an individual and the person they once were.”

If that sounds like you, there’s nothing to be ashamed about. And you’re certainly not alone. We, the Handbook Team, want to shed light on this topic, help you feel comfortable addressing it, and encourage you to seek treatment for this highly treatable issue. Ignoring erectile dysfunction means ignoring the impact on your physical and mental health—and the ED may only get worse.

The relationship between these mental health conditions and ED can be cyclical. ED can be a source of considerable anxiety and stress for individuals, leading to a self-perpetuating cycle where the fear of experiencing ED again exacerbates the problem.

Rhiannon John, certified sexologist

Fortunately, there’s good news. Oral medications for ED, such as Viagra (sildenafil) and Cialis (tadalafil), are now available in generic forms, making erectile dysfunction treatment far more affordable than it was even five or six years ago. The recent popularity of online telehealth platforms also means you can request a prescription for ED medication without visiting a doctor or pharmacy in person. This is a solution for people who may feel embarrassed discussing their sexual health with a doctor or collecting this prescription at the pharmacy, and it’s also safer than turning to “gas station” remedies. These are unregulated supplements often found in dispensers inside the bathrooms of gas stations, and they have been known to contain hidden ingredients

But not all of these platforms use the same screening process, charge the same prices, or let you directly message your provider. We don’t want you to feel frustrated and hampered by low-quality platforms or misled by false information all over the internet. We want to make it easy to feel like yourself again.

That’s why we mystery shopped at over 25 online ED medication platforms, interviewed more than 20 urologists, sexologists, pharmacists, and psychologists, read dozens of academic journal articles, ran a focus group, and surveyed 360 real people about their experiences with erectile dysfunction. We got really comfortable with this topic and encourage you to do the same by reading our guides and reviews.

Learn more about our erectile dysfunction review methodology.

HelpGuide Handbook for GoodRx for erectile dysfunction

If you only learn five things about GoodRx for erectile dysfunction, this is what you need to know.

Easy and quick sign-up process. Easy and quick sign-up process.
Convenient delivery to your home or pharmacy. Convenient delivery to your home or pharmacy.
Coupons are free to use. Coupons are free to use.
Telehealth appointments for ED are $59. Telehealth appointments for ED are $59.
Medication prices with coupon fluctuates daily. Medication prices with coupon fluctuates daily.

What is GoodRx?

The cost of medication is often unpredictable and expensive, especially if you don’t have health insurance. GoodRx is a website and mobile app that provides free medication coupons to make treatment more affordable. You can use their coupons at any participating pharmacy for prescription savings. GoodRx partners with over 70,000 stores nationwide, including major chains like Walmart, Walgreens, Target, and CVS, so a pharmacy near you will likely accept GoodRx coupons.  

In addition to coupons, GoodRx has a telemedicine platform. The company acquired the platform HeyDoctor in 2019 and rebranded it into GoodRx Care. GoodRx Care connects you with a health care provider who can prescribe medication via text, phone, or video. Anyone over age 18 can receive treatment through GoodRx Care. 

GoodRx Care offers services related to sexual health, general care, testing and screenings, skin and hair, and short-term medication refills. Their services include medication for erectile dysfunction.

Pros and cons of GoodRx for erectile dysfunction medication

What we liked

  • Same-day delivery to your local pharmacy.
  • Quick and easy sign-up process.
  • Match with a health care provider in roughly 15 minutes.

What we didn’t like

  • ED telehealth appointments cost more than the average copay.  
  • Medication costs with a coupon fluctuate frequently. 
  • Coupon price isn’t guaranteed and is only an estimate.

GoodRx for ED medications

You can receive low-cost erectile dysfunction medication from a provider through GoodRx Care or by using a GoodRx coupon when you fill a prescription at your pharmacy.

Common types of ED medication that your doctor may prescribe are: 

It’s important to note that you should avoid eating grapefruit while taking PDE5 inhibitors. Grapefruit juice has been found to delay the absorption of these medicines, which can make them less effective. 

Talk to your doctor about any medications you are taking—including nitrates and herbal products—before starting ED treatment, as some medications and supplements can react with PDE5 inhibitors. You should also tell your doctor about any preexisting health conditions like heart disease, high or low blood pressure, liver disease, or kidney disease. 

GoodRx Care

GoodRx Care is a telehealth platform that matches you with a health care provider who can prescribe generic or brand-name ED medication. Your medication can then be discreetly delivered to your home or sent to your local pharmacy. 

It’s easy to navigate the GoodRx Care website to find treatment for ED. Simply go to the homepage, scroll down to the list of conditions they treat, and click “Erectile Dysfunction.” Then, you’ll begin the sign-up process. 

After discussing your symptoms, GoodRx Care providers can prescribe Viagra, Cialis, or Levitra. 

Viagra (sildenafil)
Viagra (sildenafil)
  • Price through GoodRx Care: $0.50 per pill (varies based on dosage and pharmacy).
  • Lowest price with GoodRx coupon: $18
  • Delivery time: 30 minutes to your pharmacy or delivery to your home in seven to 12 days.
  • FDA-approval: FDA-approved.
  • How to take it: Take 60 minutes before sexual activity.

Sildenafil, commonly known by the brand name Viagra, comes in a tablet or liquid form. It is best to take Viagra one hour before sexual activity, but you can take it anywhere from 30 minutes to four hours before. Don’t take Viagra more than once in a 24-hour period.  

High-fat foods can make the medication take longer to take effect. It’s best to avoid eating a meal high in fat close to when you’ll be taking Viagra, but if you do, wait a couple of hours before taking the medication to ensure it works properly.

Cialis (tadalafil)
Cialis (tadalafil)
  • Price through GoodRx Care: $0.50 per pill (varies based on dosage and pharmacy).
  • Lowest price with GoodRx coupon: $8.84
  • Delivery time: 30 minutes to your pharmacy or delivery to your home in seven to 12 days.
  • FDA-approval: FDA-approved.
  • How to take it: Take once per day or 30 minutes before sexual activity.

Tadalafil (brand name Cialis) is a medication that not only treats ED but also a condition called benign prostatic hyperplasia, which causes an enlarged prostate. The dosage you take for ED will depend on the frequency you take it, and you may be prescribed a lower dose if you have certain health conditions.

Your provider may instruct you to take Cialis once daily (regardless of whether or not you’re having sex daily) or on an as-needed basis. If you take the medication daily, it’s most effective when taken at the same time every day, so we recommend setting an alarm or reminder. If you take it as needed, take it at least 30 minutes before sexual activity, but no more than once every 24 hours.

Levitra (vardenafil)
Levitra (vardenafil)
  • Price through GoodRx Care: $0.50 per pill (varies based on dosage and pharmacy).
  • Lowest price with GoodRx coupon: $37.10
  • Delivery time: 30 minutes to your pharmacy or delivery to your home in seven to 12 days.
  • FDA-approval: FDA-approved.
  • How to take it: Take 60 minutes before sexual activities.

Levitra—the brand name for vardenafil—is a PDE5 inhibitor commonly prescribed to treat erectile dysfunction. You should take it 60 minutes before sexual activity. Levitra is available in two forms: a regular tablet you can swallow or a rapidly disintegrating tablet that dissolves on contact with your tongue. If you get the dissolving tablet, ensure that the packaging is fully sealed when you get it. When you remove them from the packet, don’t push the tablet through the foil because it may cause damage. The dissolving tablets only come in one dosage, so your doctor may switch you to regular tablets if that dose doesn’t work for you. 

GoodRx coupons

GoodRx also offers free ED medication coupons to use at your local pharmacy. Since ED drug prices are often high, GoodRx partners with pharmacies to provide a low-cost option with their coupons. 

We found the coupon process simple. All you have to do is go to their website (, search for the medication you’re looking for, and choose the pharmacy you want. When we searched for Cialis, 14 pharmacies popped up, and we could filter them by popularity or lowest price. Once you choose a pharmacy, you can edit your quantity and prescribed dosage.

You can have the coupon texted or emailed to you, or you can print it out yourself. If you choose to print your coupon, a pop-up window may ask you to create an account, but you can skip that step. You don’t need a GoodRx account to use their coupons. You can also locate the coupon on the GoodRx app without sending it to your mobile device. Then just show the pharmacist your coupon when filling or refilling a prescription. 

You can’t combine your health insurance or Medicare with a GoodRx coupon. Depending on your insurance, the cost of the medication with a GoodRx coupon may or may not be lower than using your insurance. Make sure to compare and contrast costs to find the best deal.

If you have a preferred pharmacy but aren’t sure they accept GoodRx coupons, search for your pharmacy on the GoodRx website. 

GoodRx has coupons for the following ED medications: 

PDE5 inhibitors:

  • Cialis (tadalafil)
  • Viagra (sildenafil)
  • Levitra (vardenafil)
  • Stendra (avanafil)

PGE1 agonists:

  • Edex
  • Caverject impulse
  • Muse
  • Caverject

GoodRx price for ED medications

Compared to other ED platforms, GoodRx has the lowest cost per pill. But to get the prescription drug, you must pay for a visit with a health care provider, whether through GoodRx Care or another provider. You’ll need to factor that appointment fee into the overall cost.


Cost through GoodRx Care

A GoodRx Care telehealth appointment for erectile dysfunction costs $59, which may be more than some people’s usual copay for a doctor’s visit. You could sign up for a GoodRx Gold membership to lower the cost. GoodRx Gold provides discounted medical visits, prescription medications, and free home delivery on eligible drugs.  

You can choose from two GoodRx Gold plans:

  • Individual plan: $9.99 per month or $89.88 per year ($7.49 per month).
  • Family plan: $19.99 per month or $189.88 per year ($14.99 per month).

You can add up to five additional people to your family plan, including friends and even pets. But the family plan isn’t a good choice if you’re looking for multiple telehealth visits—only the primary account holder is eligible for discounted sessions with providers. The family plan will provide additional savings if other plan members are just looking for discounted drug savings. 

GoodRx Gold can be an affordable alternative to the one-time appointment fee if you need multiple sessions with a provider. There is a free 30-day trial, so you can try it before committing to the subscription.

Cost using a GoodRx coupon

The main downside of GoodRx is that the coupon pricing fluctuates daily, weekly, or monthly depending on the medication. The cost you pay one month may be different the next. During our research, the ED drug prices changed every day. One day, CVS had the lowest price, and the next day, Walmart did. That means when you need a refill, a different pharmacy may be cheaper than the one you used previously. Although you could switch your pharmacy, that’s much easier said than done. It takes extra time to contact the doctor who prescribed your medication and have them send it to a new drugstore. Changing your pharmacy every time you refill your prescription would be unrealistic. 

At the time of writing, these are the estimated prices of ED prescriptions in New York, NY, if you use a GoodRx coupon at Walgreens compared to the average retail price without a coupon:

Medication*GoodRx Price at Walgreens (30 tablets)Average Retail Price (30 tablets)
Cialis (tadalafil)$29.99$292.98
Viagra (sildenafil)$25.99$903.82
Levitra (vardenafil)$47.66–$50.66$404.65
Edex (alprostadil)$229.45$271.62
Stendra (avanafil)$411.05$794.14
Caverject impulse (alprostadil)$231.28$322.84
Muse (alprostadil)$495.43$577.88
Caverject (alprostadil)$857$1033.08
*Dosage varies

Another downside is that GoodRx coupon prices aren’t a guarantee, they’re an estimate. Only your pharmacy can provide you with exact pricing when you arrive.

How to get ED medication through GoodRx

To make an appointment through GoodRx, you must go through the sign-up process, which takes 15 to 20 minutes to complete. There are five steps: getting started, intake interview, payment, photos, and medical history.

A list of the steps involved in the sign-up process
Signing up for erectile dysfunction medication through GoodRx Care

In the “getting started” section, GoodRx will provide you with an explanation of how the process works. Then you will move on to the intake interview that asks you about:

  • Symptoms you are experiencing.
  • Medications you’ve tried in the past.
  • How long you’ve been having symptoms.
  • Your interest or lack of interest in sex.
  • Your blood pressure. 

After the intake interview, you will enter your payment information and match with a health care provider. On their website, GoodRx states that connecting with a provider takes an average of 15 minutes.

Screenshot of ED medication choices
Select your preferred ED medication when you sign up.

Once matched, you can tell the provider about your symptoms and medical history. If the provider prescribes medication, it will be available at your pharmacy within 30 minutes of your appointment, according to their website. The overall process is quick and simple. If you want access to ED medications on the same day, GoodRx might be a good option.

Key features of GoodRx

Standard Features of GoodRx for Erectile Dysfunction Medication
Same-day telehealth appointments with a health care provider. Same-day telehealth appointments with a health care provider.
FDA-approved medication. FDA-approved medication.
Coupons offer low prices. Coupons offer low prices.
Medication delivered to your pharmacy in 30 minutes. Medication delivered to your pharmacy in 30 minutes.
Access to generic Viagra, Cialis, and Levitra. Access to generic Viagra, Cialis, and Levitra.

How GoodRx works

GoodRx can offer discounted medication costs through their platform because they partner with pharmacies and pharmacy benefits managers (PBMs). PBMs are companies that negotiate prices with drug manufacturers, usually for employers or insurance companies. When someone uses a GoodRx coupon, the pharmacy shares some of the profit with the PBM. The PBM then gives some of that revenue to GoodRx. The partnership is mutually beneficial—the pharmacies want to partner with GoodRx because it increases the traffic to their pharmacy, and GoodRx receives some of the profit.

How GoodRx makes money

Our final verdict

After our research, we believe GoodRx Care is a valuable option for people who want quick, same-day treatment for erectile dysfunction. You can sign up, meet with a health care provider, and receive medication for ED in around two hours. It may cost slightly more than the average copay, but if you don’t have insurance, it’s more affordable than paying out of pocket. 

While GoodRx does offer coupons that may make ED medication more affordable, we found that prices fluctuate daily. The fluctuation of cost with a coupon means you would have to switch your pharmacy for every refill in order to get the lowest cost every time, which is unrealistic. 

If you are having symptoms of erectile dysfunction, remember there is nothing to be ashamed of, and treatment is available. Use an online platform like GoodRx or visit your health care provider to start treatment for ED. 


GoodRx is accepted at more than 70,000 pharmacies in the United States. On the website, you may see about 15 pharmacies that are local to you.

A pharmacy cannot refuse to use GoodRx if they are a participating pharmacy. They are obligated to accept GoodRx coupons.

Using GoodRx is worth it for ED medications. GoodRx Care allows you to quickly access the medication you need at a relatively low cost, and GoodRx coupons allow you to save money on medications your health care provider prescribes.

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