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There are many different forms of anxiety—and many different ways to overcome the problem. To find the method that works best for you, explore the articles below and get the help that you need.

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We all know what anxiety feels like. Your heart pounds before a big presentation or a tough exam. You get butterflies in your stomach during a blind date. You worry and fret over family problems or feel jittery at the prospect of asking the boss for a raise. These are all natural reactions.

However, in today’s hectic world, many of us often feel anxious outside of these challenging situations as well. If worries, fears, or anxiety attacks seem overwhelming and are impacting your daily life, you may be suffering from an anxiety disorder. Fortunately, in addition to anxiety treatments, there are plenty of things you can do to help yourself and reduce your anxiety symptoms, control anxiety attacks, and regain control of your life.

Do you have a problem with anxiety? Take this quiz and find out >>

Do I Have an Anxiety Disorder?

Over the last 2 weeks, how often have you:

Not at all

Several days
(1 point)

More than half the days
(2 points)

Nearly every day
(3 points)

1. Felt nervous, anxious, or on edge?

2. Not been able to stop or control worrying?

3. Worried too much about different things?

4. Had trouble relaxing?

5. Been so restless that it’s hard to sit still?

6. Become easily annoyed or irritable?

7. Felt afraid as if something awful might happen?

Please answer all the questions


A note about your score: Sometimes others are able to assess us easier than we're able to assess ourselves. If possible, have someone close to you also complete this quiz for you, then compare answers.


Your anxiety level

0 to 4

Minimal anxiety . While it’s normal to experience some anxiety from time to time, your score suggests that you do not have an anxiety disorder.

5 to 9

Mild anxiety . Many people function normally with this amount of anxiety but if anxiety affects your everyday life, it’s time to take action. 

10 to 14

Moderate anxiety. You may be suffering from an anxiety disorder. Remember: you don’t have to live with anxiety and fear; there are steps you can take.

15 to 21

Severe anxiety . Worries, fears, or anxiety attacks seem to be impacting your daily life. But there are plenty of treatment options to help you regain control of your life.

Next step…

If you scored 5 or more, read Anxiety Disorders & Anxiety Attacks to identify the type of anxiety disorder you may have and the best treatment options available.

This questionnaire is not intended to replace professional diagnosis.
Source: GAD-7, Drs. Robert L. Spitzer, Janet B.W. Williams, Kurt Kroenke

Types of anxiety disorders

Anxiety treatment and self-help

It takes energy and focus to successfully make major life changes. You can gain strength through regular exercise, a healthy diet, and activities that reduce stress.