Shanna Mitchell

Board Member

Shanna Mitchell is a cross-industry professional at the leading edge of Technology, Innovation, and Customer Experience. With over 13 years of experience in the Public & Edu Sectors, Management Consulting, and Big Tech, she has worked with clients to create products and capabilities that drive efficiencies, reduce costs, and facilitate impactful employee and customer experiences.

Shanna currently works as an innovation and user experience lead at Google, designing and delivering user education experiences for some of the company’s most popular products.

Shanna began her career in the U.S. Department of the Treasury’s Bureau of the Fiscal Service in Washington, DC. Then, life presented the opportunity to move across the country with her spouse. She continued her career at the University of Southern California where she managed the budget for the Village project, a $650M retail and student housing project. After this, she began working in Client Financial Management at Accenture, before seizing the opportunity to make a career change. Shanna successfully pivoted to Accenture’s Strategy and Consulting practice where she excelled at leading innovation and impactful technology solutions for real world problems like wildfire risk.

Aside from her professional life, Shanna is both an artist and a creative. She has studied drawing, animation and 3D modeling and served as an Art Director on an award-winning short film. She is also passionate about movement and physical activity. She has earned the “Trifecta” for Spartan obstacle course races, ran the Los Angeles marathon and has taught classes as a certified Zumba fitness instructor. Her background has allowed her to bring creativity and an innovative mindset to serve her clients and customers.

Shanna received her B.S. in International Business from the University of Maryland, College Park and has been trained in Design Thinking and Human Centered Design.

Based in Los Angeles, Shanna enjoys traveling with her husband, long walks to soak up the sun, and otherwise taking advantage of the many opportunities to be active.